WP Baguette plant
Who we are
As specialists in bakery systems and equipment, we carry out projects in countries around the globe.

All of our customers are in the bakery business. They include: 
  • large, highly automated industrial bakeries
  • modern chain bakeries
  • artisan bakeries

We apply our formidable expertise, experience and flexibility to help our customers in the baking industry
  • significantly lower their investment costs by buying and installing high-quality pre-owned equipment,
  • achieve cost-effective, efficient processes, and
  • quickly implement or modify equipment and install customized solutions.

Our service
  1. Purchasing, resale and dismantling with reassembly elsewhere
  2. Overhauls to restore equipment to like-new condition, modernization and customer-specific modifications
  3. Advice and planning
  4. Sale and fast delivery
  5. Project management, installation and commissioning